Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tonight's Motivation

Tonight's re-energized need to "bring it" was brought to me in part tonight by my.... drum roll.... NEW HAIR CUT! :D As my reward to myself for making it half way thru P90X, I decided that I would get the hair cut I have been wanting for YEARS. I called today to make an appointment and she had an opening this afternoon, so I paced around the office for over an hour, full of nervous energy. Usually when you are about to do something drastic with your hair, you have time to adjust yourself to it, but since all the signs pointed to me doing it today, I went with it. I loved it and then hated it for about 5 minutes, then took a shower and washed out all the styling products and re-did it myself and loved it again! :) I almost wish I had gone dark with it, because if I had, it would be the perfect Audrey Hepburn pixie cut. But, the very few blond highlights I had put in make it the perfect spring/summer do for me. As for my workout, tonight was Legs & Back and I really kicked it's ass. Out of all of the changes I have found from this program, the strength of my legs now is pretty amazing to me. I may have, in my youth, had slight areas of firmness after a lot of activity, but now my quads and my calves are rock solid all the time. Now, if it would just conquer the inner thigh, I'd be one happy girl... ;) I wore a shirt today that didn't close all the way when I bought it, so that was awesome. And I wore pants that I bought from American Eagle almost 10 years ago, so that was pretty cool, too. I'm am totally stoked with my new attitude and my new commitment to finishing and kicking ass and changing my body for good. Lol, and while my chiropractic adjustments cost $40, my attitude adjustment cost twice that. :D

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