Monday, March 28, 2011

DNA Removal

I can't sit on my furniture currently, so the post is being written on the floor of my living room. I am literally too sweaty to sit on my couch. My current concern, however, is that I will not be able to get back up OFF said floor. Tony Horton calls this "DNA Removal". You don't just get a little "moist" doing Kenpo- you get damn near soaked from head to toe! I am having to ice my knee, so a shower will have to wait and I figured, what better to do than to write a severly overdue blog. This weekend amongst my fun I decided to give running a shot because it has been a while and I wanted to see how my improved leg muscles helped my ability to run. I did 2 miles, running 30 or 60 second intervals, and was able to do the whole thing with minimal discomfort. THAT day, anyways... My legs were barely on speaking terms with me yesterday and were still giving me the cold shoulder today. Last night was Core Synergistics and was not as harsh as it has been in the past, but towards the end, my core was getting a little week and I had to really watch myself so I didn't tweak my back. Today, about 15 minutes in to Kenpo, my right knee started to hurt pretty bad and I almost stopped the workout. SEVERAL times. But, every time I almost did, I thought about how I'd have to say so on here and I kept going. I made sure to modify enough that I could finish and not so much that something else suffered. It was nice to "feel" my body enough to know how to do that and even better to see that clock tick all the way down. :)

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