Friday, April 29, 2011

Fantasy vs Reality

The fantasy:
I wake up in a clean, quiet room that looks like it just got done with a photo shoot for House and Garden. I spryly bound out of bed, run a brush thru my hair, splash a little water on my face and look like I just got done with a photo shoot for Sport Illustrated. I slip on my size 0, top of the line, matching workout clothes and float out of the room. My children are sitting, dressed, fed, and shod on the couch with their hands busy playing a friendly game of chess, discussing the latest world politics. The kids pile up in the jogging stroller and we make our blissful way to their school. As we get there, we are the envy of all the moms and kids.  I kiss the kids goodbye and make MY blissful way to Starbucks, where the coffee is cheap and the calories don't exist. But, if they did, it wouldn't matter to my size 0 butt.

The reality:
I wake up when a butt lands on my face and shocks me awake in a room that looks like it just got done with a photo shoot for a National Geographic piece on natural disasters that hit the homes of hoarders. I fall out of bed and limp to the bathroom because my back hurts from sleeping around 2 kids who crept like ninjas in to my room in the middle of the night. I splash a little water on the mirror to blur the vision I see in it and look like I just got done with a photo shoot for Celebrity Stalker- What They REALLY Look Like!. I slip on my (we are not discussing sizes here) pants, shoes, and whatever shirt is closest and trip out of the room. My children are shrieking at each other at the top of their lungs, arguing about what color Audrey's pants are. The kids pile up into the jogging stroller, after I knock off a couple of spiders and pry the cat off of it, and we make our breathless way to their school. As we get there, I realize that I have sweat stains the size of dinner plates under my arms and my hair is plastered to my head, soaking wet. I am the envy of the moms there as they look at me and say to each other, "I really wish I could bring myself to leave the house like that.... How liberating it must be... Although, she IS quite pungent...".

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A milestone....

Today, during Cardio X (after running 1.5mi this morning, btw!), during the yoga warm up series, you are supposed to do push ups in between some of the moves. I had gradually worked my way from skipping those, to doing some of them on my knees, to doing almost all of them on my knees, and tonight, I did them all the REAL way, no girly push ups. :D That was huge for me and it felt great. By great I of course mean tantamount to having both my arms and abdominal muscles ripped at by rabid wildebeests, but you get my point.

On a side note, as some of you may have heard me mention, we recently got a little bunny. I think Danny figured it would be cheaper than having another baby and less messy that me having a bunch of dogs running around the house... Or, he could just be super sweet and knew that the kids and I would love him. If he is, in fact, a him... Either way, his/her name is Vader (as in Darth) and he/she is a chocolate brown little ball of fur. The co-worker who gave him to Danny raises them for FOOD and so, young as he is, he hasn't had a lot of personal contact, so he's still a bit freaked out, but I am working with him diligently and I hope to soon buy him a little harness (yes, I saw one in the Pet Supermarket and I WILL be getting one- color dependent upon what sex the vet declares) and have a super cool, awesome bunny. He's half way there- I mean, Vader? How can this go wrong...? .............Hey, what was that ominous music...?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sh*t my kids say, Part 2.

"Captain American doesn't have a gun, so he can't be the Line Leader. He will be the Door Holder."

"Mom, can you go to work? I want to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance."

"Because I did." - Audrey's response to my question as to why she dumped a cup of water on the cat

"I can't go outside and play. My batteries are dead."

"But I can't go to bed; Iron Man needs me!" - (btw, this was Audrey, not Bishop)

"I went to time out because... MOM! LOOK! A SQUIRREL!" - seriously.

"Mom, Dad kicked your butt." (Stupid Words With Friends game. Every time they see me play it, they tell me.)

She's baaaaaaack....

I have been absent for too long, for my own sake. It is so much easier to say, "Eh. I did enough today." when I am not posting on here what strives towards fitness I have made for the day. I have been adding a morning run that clocks in at about 2 miles to my daily dose of endorphins and it is currently kicking my ass. I'm sore and a little tired, but that fresh air in the morning is hard to beat and my reward this morning was getting to see the full moon set over the trees. People probably thought I was a Peeping Tammy, but whatever. This is one of the joys of not knowing your neighbors. Tonight's work out was Shoulders and Arms and it went really well. I love the difference I can feel in my strength and see in my arms. My back is currently a bit tweaked and I haven't had time to go to my chiropractor, so instead of doing Ab Ripper X like I was supposed to, I did a series of plank holds, going from holding myself up on my hands to holding myself up on my forearms. Working those core muscles will help me keep from hurting my back this way in the future. I have added on an extra week to my 90 days to make up for the week I took off/only ran every couple of days, but I will still be done before my birthday. While I was hoping to have some huge, dramatic change in store for ringing in the big 3-2, I think the biggest change is my commitment to my own fitness and getting in better shape every day, while still living the one life I have and enjoying the good tasting stuff that comes along with it. I will still be continuing the process even after the 90 days is up, and my new goal will be to have spent the entire summer wearing shorts. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back in the saddle again...

After a week off doing Disney and staying out at the lake, I am back into the swing of things with my workout. I did a little running and a lot of walking, but I took a week off from my normal program. Now that I'm back, I'm kicking things up a notch and adding a 2 mile run to the mix in the morning. Hopefully that will be the boost I need to shed the fat that is sticking around. I am, once again, on my phone, so this is short, but I am still here, I'm still kicking, and while I have added an extra week on to my timeline to make up, I am still on track. :)