Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A milestone....

Today, during Cardio X (after running 1.5mi this morning, btw!), during the yoga warm up series, you are supposed to do push ups in between some of the moves. I had gradually worked my way from skipping those, to doing some of them on my knees, to doing almost all of them on my knees, and tonight, I did them all the REAL way, no girly push ups. :D That was huge for me and it felt great. By great I of course mean tantamount to having both my arms and abdominal muscles ripped at by rabid wildebeests, but you get my point.

On a side note, as some of you may have heard me mention, we recently got a little bunny. I think Danny figured it would be cheaper than having another baby and less messy that me having a bunch of dogs running around the house... Or, he could just be super sweet and knew that the kids and I would love him. If he is, in fact, a him... Either way, his/her name is Vader (as in Darth) and he/she is a chocolate brown little ball of fur. The co-worker who gave him to Danny raises them for FOOD and so, young as he is, he hasn't had a lot of personal contact, so he's still a bit freaked out, but I am working with him diligently and I hope to soon buy him a little harness (yes, I saw one in the Pet Supermarket and I WILL be getting one- color dependent upon what sex the vet declares) and have a super cool, awesome bunny. He's half way there- I mean, Vader? How can this go wrong...? .............Hey, what was that ominous music...?

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