Monday, April 18, 2011

She's baaaaaaack....

I have been absent for too long, for my own sake. It is so much easier to say, "Eh. I did enough today." when I am not posting on here what strives towards fitness I have made for the day. I have been adding a morning run that clocks in at about 2 miles to my daily dose of endorphins and it is currently kicking my ass. I'm sore and a little tired, but that fresh air in the morning is hard to beat and my reward this morning was getting to see the full moon set over the trees. People probably thought I was a Peeping Tammy, but whatever. This is one of the joys of not knowing your neighbors. Tonight's work out was Shoulders and Arms and it went really well. I love the difference I can feel in my strength and see in my arms. My back is currently a bit tweaked and I haven't had time to go to my chiropractor, so instead of doing Ab Ripper X like I was supposed to, I did a series of plank holds, going from holding myself up on my hands to holding myself up on my forearms. Working those core muscles will help me keep from hurting my back this way in the future. I have added on an extra week to my 90 days to make up for the week I took off/only ran every couple of days, but I will still be done before my birthday. While I was hoping to have some huge, dramatic change in store for ringing in the big 3-2, I think the biggest change is my commitment to my own fitness and getting in better shape every day, while still living the one life I have and enjoying the good tasting stuff that comes along with it. I will still be continuing the process even after the 90 days is up, and my new goal will be to have spent the entire summer wearing shorts. :)

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